IESA Activities Timeline:

  • May 2012: IESA launched

International Collaboration

  • September 2014: IESA becomes founding member of GESA in association with ARE, BVES, CESA, CNESA & ESA
  • June 2015: IESA participated in creation and launch of IRENA Energy Storage Roadmap at IRENA Council Meeting in Abu Dhabi


  • October 2012: First IESA Tech Tour
  • April 2013: 2nd IESA Technology Tour and “Energy Storage India Market Overview 2013-2020” Report released
  • December 2013: 1st Energy Storage India (ESI) Conference & Expo at Mumbai with 150+ participants from 12 countries
  • August 2014: Regional Seminar at Hyderabad in association with Hyderabad Battery Association
  • September 2014: IESA Energy Storage Seminar at Bengaluru in association with IET
  • October 2014: IESA Knowledge Forum on Energy Storage at Chennai in association with IWTMA and NIWE
  • December 2014 – 2nd Energy Storage India (ESI) Conference & Expo at Delhi with 300+ participants from 15 countries.
  • November 2015: IESA Round Table meeting for Local Manufacturers at Pune, Maharashtra
  • December 2015: 3rd Energy Storage India (ESI) Conference & Expo at Delhi with 500+ participants from 12 countries.
  • January 2016: IESA Microgrid Workshop at Pune to gather stakeholders inputs
  • July 2016: IESA Energy Storage Workshop-Hyderabad organised in association with ASCI
  • October 2016: IESA Energy storage Workshop-Pune organised in association with SPPU, Pune
  • December 2016: India-North-East Workshop- Guwahati in association with AEDA
  • January 2017: 4th International Conference & Expo on Energy Storage & Microgrids, Mumbai


  • June 2013: nominated to taskforce for integration of renewable energy by CEA & MOP.
  • June 2014 – IESA joins committee on “energy storage and hybrids” formed by MNRE
  • March 2015: IESA- India Policy Update Bulletin started
  • May 2015: IESA Policy working Group Launched
  • July 2015:  contributed  and supported MNRE & USAID in creating an Energy Storage Roadmap for India
  • March 2016: IESA submitted “Energy Storage Manufacturing Policy Recommendations” to NITI Aayog, Govt. of India
  • May 2016: Stakeholders consultations for SECI’s Hybrid project at HP and Storage + Solar project at AP Tender
  • June 2016: India Energy Storage Standards Taskforce created in association with UL
  • Stakeholders consultation for CERC staff paper on Energy storage in association with FICCI for CERC
  • Invited to be part of BIS committee for energy storage systems


  • January 2014 – 1st Issues of the IESA magazine (Emerging Technology News-ETN) released
  • October 2015: India Lead Acid Battery Market Landscape Report released
  • “Energy Storage Technologies for Ancillary Services in India” report released with Shakti Foundation at Energy storage India, December 2015.
  • “India Energy Storage Market Overview 2015-22” report released at ESI 2015.
  • April 2016: Knowledge paper released on “Lead Acid Battery Recycling in India”
  • November 2016: Knowledge paper released on “Energy Storage for Grid Applications”


  • May 2014 – Opportunity (Tender/RFP) dashboard launched
  • July 2014- organised a student competition on “Re-Imagining India’s Energy Infrastructure”.
  • September 2016: Stakeholders consultations for SECI’s 300 MW solar + 30 MW of 6 energy storage projects


  • August 2016: MICRO - Microgrid Initiative for Campus and Rural Opportunities launched at IIT-Bombay.
  • September 2016: India Energy storage Database (IESDB) launched
  • 2016: Incubator for energy storage innovation
  • 2016: MoU signed with IEEMA for industrial skill development in energy storage
  • 2016: Taskforce for creation of Energy Storage Standards roadmap
  • 2017: CoMETS
  • 2017: Ask an Expert
  • 2017: E-commerce
  • 2017: Global Energy Storage Index


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