Our vision:

IESA’s vision is to make India a global leader in energy storage and microgrids, and a hub for manufacturing of these emerging technologies by 2020, by facilitating technology adoption.

Our mission:

IESA’s mission is to make the energy sector in India more competitive and efficient by creating awareness among various stakeholders in the industry and by promoting information exchange with the end users.

Our Goals:

  • Provide members key analyses of existing opportunities for energy storage in India.
  • Assess the barriers preventing the adaptation of EES technologies by various market participants including utilities, independent power producers and industrial customers.
  • Provide members an overview of planned and potential rule changes that can remove these barriers.
  • Help create case studies for matching the technical capabilities of various storage technologies with opportunities in India.
  • Help develop outreach material for educating policy makers and regulators about the role of energy storage.
  • Build awareness in end users and potential investors in energy storage about successful energy storage projects from around the world.
  • Assess the market potential of energy storage for various applications in India.
  • Evaluate current financing mechanisms available for such innovative and emerging products, and propose any alternate financial models that can accelerate adoption of these technologies in India.
  • Organize stakeholder meetings with key financial institutions, project developers and technology suppliers.
  • Organize an annual conference focused on bringing attention to energy storage for various target segments in India.

India is anticipated to become one of the best markets for the adoption of energy storage technologies due to several drivers like the fastest growing economy, increasing share of renewables, transmission constraints, need for providing 24*7 quality power and electric mobility mission. As estimated by IESA, the Indian energy storage market is expected to grow to 70 GW by 2022.