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In India, Renewable Energy has seen an unprecedented thrust. For long, India was seen to have immense untapped potential for Solar Power, owing to the massive amount of sunlight received annually. With a 7,600 km coastline, wind power too was seen to have immense potential. However, only recently has this potential been brought to fruition.

It has been strongly witnessed that renewable energy will pave the way for a secure, affordable climate for the industry. There are number of renewable energy technologies like wind, solar, biomass which have not been fully explored. It appears that schemes provided by the government have been favourable for a rapid growth of RE sector.

It is quite clear therefore, that in this fast evolving sector there are numerous opportunities laced with thorny challenges. And, in order to stay ahead of the curve, mapping the road ahead is crucial. It is with this background that the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing the “RENEW INDIA: 2017” on the 28th September 2017 at St Regis, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

The conference will delve into a breadth of issues relating to Renewable Energy: from financing of energy generating equipment, to the four pillars of renewable energy – Solar, Wind, Biomass and Biogas to the paradigm revolutions in renewable power storage. In it, industry experts will discuss at length key issues like Open Access, Feed in Tariff, Cross Subsidy and Net Metering. And finally, deliberations will be held over changes that would be needed at the policy level, to unleash the true potential of the Renewable Energy revolution.


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Event Location : Imerial Room, Hotel St Regis, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Event Timing
27 September 2017 To 28 September 2017
1:30 AM To 5:30 PM