India Energy Storage Alliance(IESA) strives to make the energy sector in India more competitive and efficient by creating awareness among various stakeholders in the industry and by promoting information exchange with the end users. In order to achieve its goal, IESA has taken various initiatives in the world of Energy Storage to bring information straight to the user. These include:

  1. IESDB (India Energy Storage Datebase) - IESDB is a database of energy storage and microgrid projects as well as manufacturing plants, recycling and EV charging stations in India. This is currently under BETA test, and we are working with the IESA members to populate useful data to show the status of energy storage industry in India.
  2. CES-Global Energy Storage Index: CES Global Energy Storage Index is a sectorial index for global energy storage market. The Index is developed by Customized Energy Solutions. This is designed to track the energy storage industry comprising technology manufacturers, energy storage solutions providers, raw material providers, component suppliers and power electronics companies. CES Global Energy Storage Index includes companies from across the globe including USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, India and Canada etc.
  3. MICRO - Microgrid Initiative for Campus and Rural Opportunities: We have set a goal of reducing cost of electricity from microgrids in India by 30-50% with in next 3 years and have been working on bringing together various stakeholders to achieve this dream. Phase 1 of the initiative focuses on energy access for remote communities and Phase 2 will focus on the campus microgrids. IESA-Micro team is currently monitoring 15+ microgrids sites in India.
  4. Energy Storage and Microgrid focused incubator at VJTI, Mumbai: We are partnering with VJTI and IIT Mumbai to launch an incubator focused on developing next generation storage and microgrid technologies. This incubator is one of the ~60 incubator proposals selected for final screening from over 3600 proposals that NITI Aayog has received.
  5. IESA Academy (Skill development initiative): IESA is working with select industry associations such as IEEMA and top research universities such as IIT Kanpur, VJTI, TERI and GERMI to address the need for training and skill development for the sector, so that India can become a global hub for advanced energy storage manufacturing by 2020. IESA organises various workshops, master-class and other training programs at various parts of India.
  6. Energy Storage Standards Roadmap: We are working with UL and all key manufacturers and launched IESA-UL energy Storage Taskforce for India. IESA is also part of the BIS standards committee. We supported a battery technology summit organized by UL in this regard last year in Delhi and also hosted a special roundtable on technology this year. In June 2018, IESA is planning to organise a special Energy Storage Technology Sumit in Mumbai.
  7. IESA Energy Storage Hotline (1-800-123-3519) and Ask the Expert -  Considering the need for addressing consumer questions on energy storage technology adoption, IESA has launched earlier this year, Energy Storage Hotline and Ask Experts forum where users can ask experts about storage technologies or applications to our panel of experts.
  8. MOVE (Moving Onwards Vehicle Electrification): this is a new initiative by IESA to help India move towards Vehicle electrification and build a robust ecosystem for EV manufacturing. IESA will be working with various stakeholders in the mobility sector to address barriers and focus on the aspects related to batteries for EVs and charging infrastructure
  9. E-commerce portal to strengthen battery and components retail
  10. CoMETS - a comprehensive evaluation tool.