CoMETS is a suite of models that help technology and project developers evaluate and optimize energy storage resources for grid-connected and behind-the-meter storage applications. The models include consideration of wholesale energy and ancillary services products, demand response, and retail demand charge reduction.

In this module, various aspects of a project are taken into accounts such as savings and revenues due to the deployment of storage and economics are evaluated.

  • Retail/Renewables: An optimization model for behind-the-meter storage applications. The model integrates information from customer load, retail tariff plans and analyzes demand charge savings, energy arbitrage, as well as another market, is driven opportunities like frequency regulation or demand response. This model also incorporates renewable like solar and the policies related to the particular region such as net metering and Investment Tax Credits
  • WHOLESALE: An optimization model for grid-connected storage, using multiple value streams available in wholesale energy markets. Specific market rules and operating strategies are considered to arrive at the total value of a storage asset. It also takes into account interaction with renewable assets
  • MICROGRIDS: This module helps in evaluating microgrids of various size with different sources. It calculates the economics of operating a particular microgrid. It also compares two or more microgrid configurations. It can also model regions with frequent power cuts and evaluate the role of storage in minimizing the cost of serving load using other high-cost generators like diesel genset
  • FREQUENCY REGULATION: A dispatch model that evaluates second by second frequency regulation dispatch signals to estimate performance scores and cycle life in each of the major ISO/RTO markets under FERC 755 Pay for Performance
  • PROJECT FINANCE: A financial pro-forma model to determine the bankability and investment metrics of storage projects for banks, project developers, and equity investors
  • BATTERY SIZING: This module helps in sizing of Storage in rural or Off-Grid Microgrids. The user can specify the backup time needed or the various loads within the microgrid. The model will come up the optimal size of the storage backup. Industry-specific sizing assumptions are incorporated in the module.

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