Technology Working Group (TWG)
Technology Working group (TWG)

Technical Working Group under IESA will initiate discussions among key stakeholders regarding the various technical issues underlying the energy storage industry. The energy storage space is evolving at a tremendous pace and also covers a wide variety of application areas ranging from Electric Vehicles and personal electronics to renewable integration and grid applications. The main aim of the working group is to cover critical aspects which need to be addressed in this fast growing field, including following main topics:

  1. Applications Vs Technology : Encouraging discussion among the key stakeholders on the functional and technical requirements of energy storage for various applications - electric vehicles, renewable integration, wind smoothing, backup applications, diesel replacement and so on.
  2. Technology Performance: Knowledge dissemination of common metrics of performance for energy storage systems (ESS), associated test protocols, and reference duty cycles to evaluate various energy storage technologies for applications of interest. In view of the wide variety of technologies available in the market and the plethora of manufacturers the objective would be to promote wide spread acceptance of standardized performance testing tools.
  3. Safety Evaluation and standards Protocol: Increase awareness in the community regarding safety related information and standard protocols for testing of ESS systems. Owing to the wide variety of applications of energy storage and technology types the safety evaluation presents a unique challenge and must be tackled at multiple levels namely cell, battery, stack, battery management and overall system level.
  4. Innovations and Advanced Technological Development: The field of energy storage is continually evolving and through active engagement with pioneers and leaders in the field we will remain abreast with cutting edge technologies which will shape the future of energy storage space.