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India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) established in 2012 by Customized Energy Solutions focuses on the advancement & adoption of advanced energy storage, renewable energy, green Hydrogen, microgrid, and e-mobility technologies...

IESA Clean-energy Fellowship-Program DST

The DST-IESA Industry Research & Development Fellowship program is a pathway for post-doctoral researchers to pursue their industrial research careers in the clean energy sector. The fellowship program is supported by strong...

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Welcome to the IESA Academy!IESA Academy equips you with emerging technology skills for a greener tomorrow. IESA Overview:Founded by Customised Energy Solutions (CES) in 2012, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) focuses on advan...

IESA Energystorage

Energy storage systems have been in use for a very long time, for diverse applications. In this article, we discuss some of the energy storage-related nomenclatures and understand some important and upcoming application areas for ...

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India has a great potential to become one of the largest electric mobility (EV) markets in the world. Apart from EVs, renewable energy (RE) is another area where the country is progressing rapidly. As the growth is expected in EV ...

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