Cummins and NPROXX join forces to bring hydrogen storage solutions

Cummins and NPROXX join forces to bring hydrogen storage solutions

Global technology and powertrain supplier Cummins Inc announced an agreement to form a joint venture with hydrogen storage and transportation specialist NPROXX to provide customers with hydrogen products for a range of applications across the transportation sector. 

The joint venture aimed at providing hydrogen storage will continue under the name NPROXX.

“We are joining forces to deliver industry-leading hydrogen storage and transportation solutions,” said Rainer vor dem Esche, Managing Director, NPROXX. 

According to statement released by Cummins, the JV will provide customers with hydrogen and compressed natural gas storage products for both on-highway and rail applications. 

“We are thrilled to combine Cummins’ expertise, innovation, and commitment to customer success with NPROXX’s leading hydrogen storage technologies,” said Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO, Cummins Inc. “The addition of hydrogen storage to our existing capabilities in hydrogen production and fuel cells enables us to accelerate the viability and adoption of these technologies in commercial markets.” 

This move is a win-win for both the companies as it will help Cummins deepen its capabilities in fuel cell and hydrogen production technologies and for NPROXX this venture will help the business grow in a much faster and more targeted way.

According to the company, the acquisition of Hydrogenics Corporation in September 2019, provided Cummins with both proton exchange membrane (PEM), and alkaline fuel cells electrolyzers to generate hydrogen. Cummins has also invested in LOOP Energy, signed a memorandum of understanding with Hyundai Motor Company and invested in the development of solid oxide fuel cells.

“Cummins has more than 2,000 fuel cell installations across a variety of on and off-highway applications as well as more than 500 electrolyzer installations,” Linebarger added. “We continue to increase our capabilities in fuel cell technologies, and this partnership with NPROXX is another step forward.”