Software Modelling
i-EM provides advanced analytics-powered solutions for intelligent smart grid energy management, enabling optimal decision making through satellite data utilisation. Its mission is to allow energy players, including end-users, to make the best decisions by providing awareness of the activities on the grid and its elements in real-time. i-EM SAT provide innovative solutions for intelligent energy management using satellite data fusion and big data analytics. The main application sectors are: smart grid management, electric vehicles mobility, energy forecasting, renewable plants monitoring, solar resources management and battery storage.
i-EM S.r.l. Via Aurelio Lampredi, 57121 Livorno LI T- (+39) 0586 095801
We provide renewable software services for all players in the energy chain. These include;
  • PV Monitoring
  • Forecasting for PV and Wind
  • Predictive Maintenance solutions for PV, Wind and Hydro Plants
  • Micro and Smart Grid
  • E-Mobility

We are also looking for partners in India to help promote our existing products and to develop new services.