Thermal Storage
PLUSS® is a material research and manufacturing company involved in the field of Speciality Polymeric Additives for enhancing polymer properties and Phase Change Materials (PCMs) for thermal energy storage.
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PRODUCTS PLUSS® has been a constant trendsetter in the field of functionalized polymers which serve to enhance the mechanical properties and processing conditions of polymer compounds, blends, and alloys. PLUSS® produces and markets these specialty polymers under the brand names OPTIM®, BindEX™, NOVIS™, ADNYL™, OPTIPET™. These enhance properties of polymer compounds thus enabling their increased adoption in automotive, wire & cable, wood plastics composites, flexible packaging, white goods and recycling industries besides several others. Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are special thermal energy storage materials being extensively used as a reliable source of energy to maintain required temperatures in various industries. They use chemical bonds to store and release heat. The thermal energy transfer occurs when a material changes from a solid to a liquid or from a liquid to a solid. This is called a change in state or "phase." Phase Change Materials are ideal for thermal energy storage as they are highly cost-effective, stable and environment-friendly. PCMs have the very wide scope of applications whether its building construction, cold chain transportation/Storage, solar energy storage, temperature controlled packaging for food, pharmaceuticals etc.