Customized Energy Solutions
North America,
Consulting Company
Established in 1998, Customized Energy Solutions is an energy advisory and service company that works closely with Clients to navigate the wholesale and retail electricity markets across the United States and globally, including India, Japan, Canada and Mexico. CES Emerging technologies team has been recognized for global thought leadership in the area of energy storage, electric vehicles, demand response, smart grids and microgrids. CES offers software solutions, back office operational support, and advisory and consulting services focused on asset optimization and energy market participation efficiency. CES is also a third-party asset manager of over 10,000MWs of renewable and conventional generation resources across all ISOs in the United States and Ontario, Canada. CES empowers clients to achieve their goals by helping them navigate the evolving energy markets, complex market rules, and new energy technologies entering the markets.
Customized Energy Solutions Office: (215) 875-9440
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