PWG on 6th July '21

PWG on 6th July '21

Discussion points:

  1. Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Amendment Rules, 2021.
  2. Waiver of inter-state transmission charges on transmission of the electricity generated from solar and wind sources of energy – Amendment
  3. Cabinet approves Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme: A Reforms based and Results linked Scheme”
  4. Time-extension in Scheduled Commissioning Date of Renewable Energy (RE) Projects considering disruption due to the second surge of COVID-19
  5. Draft Ancillary Services Regulations, 2021 – Extension
  6. Ministry of Power Issues Discussion Paper on Restructuring Renewable Energy Certificates Mechanism
  7. FAME India Phase II scheme extension
  8. MHI FAME India Scheme amendment
  9. Gujarat EV Policy
  10. Letter to MNRE – Information about energy storage pricing
  11. Meeting with DHI - update

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Published: 26th Aug 2020
Author: IESA Event Team

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